Introducing Fonebox

It's incredible how quickly mobile phones became integrated into every aspect of our lives, keeping us in touch around the clock, around the globe.

These days, with the arrival of smart phones, our devices have become even more essential to our daily routine, for work, rest and play. It's a wireless world beyond our wildest imaginings of even just a decade ago.

Phones can now handle everything from booking a restaurant to ordering your weekly shop, from accessing the world wide web to keeping in touch with our friends and family on social media.

The problem is, all these apps need power, and even the latest, most efficient phones can still run down their battery very quickly, leaving you disconnected from our connected world.

That's why we introduced Fonebox mobile phone charging stations the simple and safe way to charge your phone when you're on the go

The Free Fonebox App

To make life even easier, we'™ve created the Fonebox App to help you find the nearest Fonebox phone charging station when you need one, or to help you choose the Fonebox location that fits in best with your plans. Find a Fonebox in a restaurant if you're hungry, or find which local bars, cinemas or other entertainment venues have a Fonebox if you'™re out having fun.

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Onscreen Advertising

What'™s more, Fonebox users are one of the most attractive demographics around, comprising young, affluent, techno-savvy consumers who lead an active lifestyle and who are not afraid to pay for premium services.

Advertisers enjoy 8 seconds of exposure every 90 seconds whenever the Fonebox unit is turned on, making it ideal for product placement.

Fonebox locations can also use the large screen to promote their own businesses, advertising upcoming events, special offers and discounts, or promoting new products in partnership with major suppliers.

To find out more about Fonebox Advertising, and the locations available for your marketing messages, contact our sales team today:

Email [email protected]

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