Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that Fonebox is a radical new idea that will revolutionise how you use your phone. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with this great new idea, so we’ve brought together the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions…

Is my phone safe?

Absolutely. Fonebox phone charging compartments are based on hotel safes, so they are totally secure. What’s more there is no lock to pick or code to enter, they can only be opened with your card that you initiated the charge with.

What about privacy?

No one can see your phone or access your messages or other data while it is charging.

How quickly will my phone charge?

It takes between an hour and an hour and a half for most phones to get a useful charge boost. However, you can take advantage of a Fonebox phone charging station for as long as you need, from a few minutes to 24 hours.

Can I speed up my charge?

There are a few things you can do to make your phone charge faster. Selecting Airplane mode will reduce power usage while your phone is charging, or better still, you can even turn it off. You won’t get any messages until it’s turned on again, but you won’t miss anything.

How am I charged?

Your charging fee is taken from the card that you use to activate the Fonebox charging station.

What if there is not enough money in my account?

If you don’t have enough on your card for the cost of the charge, the Fonebox will not operate for that card.

What if I forget my phone?

You can leave your phone in a Fonebox charging compartment for up to 24 hours, so even if you forget to take it home when you’ve had a few too many, you can always go back the next day and get it. If a phone is left for longer than 24 hours, our team will retrieve it and do all we can to get it back to you.

What if my card is lost / stolen?

If the card you used to operate the Fonebox phone charging station is lost or stolen before you retrieve your phone, you will need to contact customer services for help. They will be able to authorise the location to release the phone as long as you can prove your identity.

Can I check my phone while it is charging?

Yes. You can check your phone anytime, free of charge simply by opening the compartment with your card. Make sure you don’t unplug the charger though, or your charging period will end and you will be charged again if you continue.

What if the Fonebox doesn’t work?

You should check that your phone is charging before you leave it. If the compartment isn’t working, you will not be charged. Simply close the door and try again with another compartment. If you find you have been charged when your phone wasn’t, contact customer services for a refund.

How do I contact Fonebox?

You can email Fonebox Customer Services on [email protected]

What if there is a power cut?

In the unlikely event of a power cut, your charging period will end and your phone will not be charged. The charge will not start again when power is restored. If you still need to charge your phone, you can start again, but you will be charged a second time.

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